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Baja California Sur does not register new deaths from coronavirus in the last day.

Actualizado: 11 abr 2021

Actually in Baja California Sur there are a total of 24,756 people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic since the first positive, according to the latest official data for February 11th.

There have been no deaths from coronavirus in the region in the last day, so it continues with 1,089 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

Coronavirus already leaves 1,957,889 cases of contagion in Mexico, with 268,557 of them currently active and 169,760 deaths, according to the latest data for February 11. In addition, a total of 1,519,572 people have already recovered since the first contagion occurred in the country.

The regions of Mexico that are being most affected by the impact of the coronavirus are:

°Mexico City, with 510,630 infections and 24,315 deaths, the region with the highest figures at this time.

°Estado de Mexico with 201,816 infections and 26,116 deaths.

°Guanajuato, with 112,530 infections and 8,162 deaths.


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