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Different COVID-19 Tests: Rapid Antigen vs PCR Test, Which Is Better?

Both tests search for the virus in our body and are used for the diagnosis of COVID19 disease.

First of all, the antigen test is a simple, cheap and fast way to obtain results, it is more feasible to use these tests as a screening in personnel without symptoms. 
PCR is considered the gold standard, among the covid tests however, it is a very expensive test and relatively a little longer to process, it is one of the most reliable because it searches within the genetic code of the sample to look for a similar sequence to that of the virus Sars-CoV-2.
Another advantage of antigen tests is that they can be done massively without the need for high-tech equipment and people in rural areas and cities can access it equally, however a health-focused staff is required to perform them, since for both tests it is necessary to make pharyngeal exudates and have knowledge of biosecurity to avoid contaminating patients.
So these are the main advantages and disadvantages of these tests, feel free to use them.



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