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Understand the time line of COVID infection.

It is important to understand when you get infected with covid and how long it takes for the symptoms to appear and when you can to do your the tests, here we leave you an image so that you can easily understand this process.
Remember that the day of contact with a probable infected is your day one, after 14 days you can be discarded out of an infection if your tests are negative.
it usually takes 3 to 6 days for symptoms to show up, the highest viral load occurs 3 or 4 days after the symptoms or on the 10th day of the first contact with an infected person, When the highest viral load occurs, it is the ideal day to perform the test, it is more likely to detect the virus either with PCR or Antigen, from day 14 you can detect antibodies either by natural exposure to the virus or by vaccination, here you can perform rapid antibody tests, the other type of existing test.
Analyze this information and protect yourself and your loved ones, stay safe.


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